NEW WORKSHOPS for KS2 & KS3 from September 2019:
– Artsmark creative music-making and instrument-making workshops (info here soon)
– Two workshops to follow-up from the Scavengers Tinkering workshop:Cyber Scavengers and Sonic Scavengers

DISCOUNT PRICES £350 day rate for winter bookings 2019-2020:
Book a workshop now between November 2019 and February 2020 for the discount rate.

Scavengers Workshops
Circuits & sound
Coding & hacking
Making & tinkering
Hands-on activities
Creative thinking
Group work
info here

Cyber Scavengers workshop

In Cyber Scavengers we will use microbits (KS2) and Arduinos (KS3) to sequence our upcycled motors as they strum our acoustic ‘found’ objects, creating structured musical performances, coded by pupils. This workshop will work on it’s own or as a perfect follow-up to the Scavengers Tinkering workshop. We have a set of reconditioned laptops running on lynux that we can provide, or we can use your school’s digital resources.
Caution: this workshop involves people staring at screens! Something we usually discourage, but coding is an essential scavenger skill in the digital world. Screen work will be balanced with physical activities in the old-fashioned Newtonian dimensions of solid objects and forces (using our hands to do stuff and make things).

Sonic Scavengers workshop

Using our special rubber-dipped contact microphones we will discover incredible hidden sounds in unexpected places: rubber bands, rulers, egg slicers, slinkys, radiators and so many more. Everyone will be asked to bring in a ‘found object’, and we have a whole chest of found objects with glorious sonic properties. We will delve into the world of vibrations and find out how they behave in solids, liquids and gases. We will explore acoustics and find out why bass likes to hide in corners. We will use various micrphones to seek out the hidden sounds: Piezo contact microphones on solid objects, hydrophones in water, dynamic microphones in the air and electromagnetic microphones to listen to the hidden electrical fields around us. We will finish off by all composing and performing some soundscapes to tell stories using our new tools and objects.

Buid your own Electric DIY Violin

This workshop is in development and we are looking for partners to help us produce the kits and pilot the project.
Based on a prototype purchased in Cairo for 5p, we experimented with the most basic electric violins we could build for a performance at the Manchester Day Parade in 2012. We then took these strange instruments to many events over the next few years for people to play, where they proved very popular. Have a look at the gallery from Jodrell Bank Festival here.
This will be a project of several workshops during which participants will build their own violin from a kit, learn how the contact microphone is used, learn to play a basic 12 bar blues and then perform as a group. Cost of violin materials is expected to be under £5. Wow!

Primary Workshops – Key Stage 2

A day of Scavengers workshops plus a free assembly show is perfect way to introduce or supplement learning about circuits and sound at Key Stage 2. Find more information about workshops for Primary Schools here.