What we do…


Bass in your Face, Scavengers

Bass in your Face is a 45-60 minute stageshow with a participatory element (bas buzzing the audience). It has been performed by Steve Summers at national STEM events and museums and at many schools over the last few years. Steve is currently developing a new show ‘Scavengers’ for 2019 which will feature at the Big Bang Yorkshire & Humber in July. He also performs several short participatory demonstrations involving cornflour, powerful bass speakers, flying lentils, amplified acoustic objects and fake magic tricks.

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Interactive Installations

Acousatron, Gurgle Splosher, Green Planet

The Acousatron is our ongoing main feature installation; designed for busy events where lots of people want to try something out for themselves. It’s chaotic, loud and fun.

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Scavengers workshops involve Making and Tinkering with upcycled electronic components. There are currently three linked workshops: Scavengers Tinkering workshop, Cyber Scavengers and Sonic Scavengers. Not sure which one to choose? Go for Tinkering; it’s an all-rounder taster, whereas the other specialise in one particular aspect.
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Scavengers drop-in, Audio Assault Buggy, Bass Station and Unmaking. Short, participatory fun science-based activities suitable for events or public spaces where people can come and go and try things out with facilitation.

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The Scavenging skilss behind all of what we do: upcycling, re-purposing electronic and other waste materials. Dismantling old computers and building our own evil inventions form their innards. Scavengers use what is avaialble to them and we live in an era of incredible waste and disposability, so lets get what we can from it and learn to use what’s left over to survive and thrive.

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Fun, quirky, creative and destructive team activites perfect for an away day or conference warm-up. Building mini robotic noise machines from computer junk, experimenting with contact microphones, making and performing a soundscape, dismantling computers to find out about how the hardware works and what else you can do with it.

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We specialise in activities and projects that bring people in; to a museum, to participating in STEM events, to experimenting and creating their own soundscapes. We have worked closely with the National Science and Media Museum in Bradford for several years, visiting schools in the wider community to successfully encourage hard-to-reach families to attend the museum.
Please contact Steve to discuss how we can work with your organisation to promote engagement and wider participation.

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