Nose Test

Do you dare try the infamous Noisy Toys Nose Test? Can you win the ‘Nose Tested’ stamp? Tens of thousands of people have had their noses tested and most of them are absolutely fine with no long-term adverse effects (despite what you may have heard in the media) so step up and present yours. Bring a friend, or your whole family- we can test you all in a circuit and if you have a carrot or a dog we can test those too. Or anything else really; this is the cutting edge of applied scientific research after all.
The Nose Test is the perfect ice-breaker or a hook to engage someone in some science busking. We start almost every activity by testing everyone. Some unexpectedly sonorous nasal results occur along with guaranteed smiles.
I know this is Britain and everything but it’s OK to touch each other’s noses as long as you ask first isn’t it?