Goop Test 01Noisy Toys was started in 2007 to provide hands-on workshops that combine music and science. Since then Noisy Toys has expanded in several different directions particularly the interactive installations for events as well as stageshows and science busking.
Noisy Toys is part of a limited company called Scavenger Labs incorporated in 2018 by Steve Summers & Mick Chesterman. Scavenger Labs will gradually take over all of the educational content of Noisy Toys.

We are based in Calderdale, West Yorkshire but can travel all over the country, and sometimes beyond the solar system.

Steve Summers

NT_Lat14_6898Steve is an artist and performer who specialises in upcycled instruments and interactive shows that promote engagment. He is a qualified teacher with over ten years experience as a workshop leader, music teacher and science communicator. He has tested thousands of noses all over the country, butchered hundreds of computers and spawned many strange new instruments.

If you are REALLY interested then you can find more information about his various artistic adventures here.

Georgios Stenos Frantzios

Yorgo is a sonic scavenger; a full-time explorer of hardware stores, kitchens and junkyards in quest for noise-making treasures. You can find out more about his work here.

Chantelle Scott

Chantelle is a composer, vocalist, musician, producer and sound engineer.
She has a diploma in Audio Engineering & Technology, a BSc degree in Zoology and a passion for the wild wild world and all the sounds in it.
More about Chantelle.

Scavenger Labs

Noisy Toys now operates as part of Scavenger Labs ltd, which was incorporated by Mick Chesterman and Steve Summers in 2018. For now these two identities are still quite blurred but we see it panning out like this:

Noisy Toys
Art & Science, performance, musical experimentation
-Interactive installations & art
-Shows & demonstrations
-Science busking

Scavenger Labs
Making & Tinkering, sustainability, technological empowerment
-Workshops (structured & drop-in)
-Shows & demonstrations

Both projects are concerned with inspiring people to learn about things that they may not feel confident with, whether that’s science, music, technology, coding or anything else. We are experts at mixing these subjects up, making them accessible, fun and creative.