Georgios Stenos Frantzios

Yorgo is a sonic scavenger; a full-time explorer of hardware stores, kitchens and junkyards in quest for noise-making treasures. He’s an active performer of experimental music, both solo and with his group Trigger Happy, playing saxophone, electronics, amplified objects and diy sound devices. He also makes audiovisual works, installations and music compositions for instruments & fixed media that have been performed in various cities across Europe and beyond.

He has led workshops in music improvisation & open-form composition for musicians and he has run community music workshops for young people in collaboration with UK youth charities. He’s also currently involved in the development of ElectricityIs! online experimental radio station as a member of KeDiMouRa, a music collective which focuses on playful and collaborative methods of music-making.
Yorgo has studied Music and Audio-Visual Arts at the Ionian University (GR) and completed a master’s in Music Composition (Electroacoustic) at the University of Manchester (UK).

A brief list of his recent work includes:

Deep Love (music for site specific performance by Korallia Stergides, 2019)
Deconstruction (ambisonics fixed media, 2018)
Blockwork (for Trigger Happy ensemble, 2018)
Suffragettes’ Iconoclastic Jukebox: A collection of vandalised masterpieces (installation, mixed media, 2018)
Cut & Paste (for Distractfold Ensemble, 2017)
Please Do Not Slam the Door / Mancunian Snapshots (stereo fixed media composition, 2017)
Electromagnetic Fields (stereo fixed media, 2017)
Objects (for 12 or more performers using found objects, 2016)
Space (installation with motors, solenoids, Arduino-based controller, 2016)
Copy (for 2 el. guitars + 2 slide film projectors, 2016)
Prescriptions (gestural improvisation system for ensemble, 2016)
Bulbs (for 4 dancers, 4 musicians, 2016)
Toy (music composition for performance by Clairi Doukoumetzaki, 2015)
Nekyomanteia (music for site specific performance by Anapoda Theatre Group, 2015)
Astiki Metamorphosi (music for site specific installation by Anapoda Theatre Group, 2015)
Babel (music/Fixed Media, 2014)
Fonissa (music for theatrical play by Ionian Theatre Group, 2014)
SaxSampler (Composition for Max/MSP Interactive System & Saxophone, 2014)

Soundcloud channel

Greenwhich performance

Homo Ludens performance