Drop-in activities

Ongoing hands-on activites where people can come and go; ideal for events.

– Unmaking
– Bass Station
– Scavengers


Dismantling electronic waste is fun! Screwdrivers in hand we will demolish old computers and scavenge any useful bits from their innards for up-cycling into Noisy instruments. We learn what goes on inside these magic boxes, how to use tools and how we can re-use what we find for our own evil inventions.

Bass Station

Excitingly Dangerous Demonstrations that you can take part in.

Suitable for public events, school assemblies, parties or any event where people come and go and can get involved in some of our noisy and messy activities, or just watch if they prefer. Dare you try the infamous Bass Buzz? Feel 1000 watts of bass power through your fingertips, see clouds of flour shoot into the air, duck from eruptions of lentils (or sometimes mung beans), marvel at water-based Cymatics, re-create a laser-blaster shoot out with an amplified slinky, shriek in utter horror at the bizarre life-forms animated with corn flour and powerful bass vibrations, as the Goop Test brings forth wee beasties that dance and metamorphose at the sound of the BASS….
Goop Test 01
Our demonstration unit is static and requires mains power for some of the demonstrations.


What’s inside the workshop boxes? Only junk but with just a few scavenged components, a battery and a little bit of knowledge we can build some great little noise machines such as the Robot Chicken, Victorian Oscillator and Auto-Strummer. This is a drop-in version of the classroom workshop whcih you can find out about