We specialise in interactive, playful inventions that produce interesting sounds and make people smile. We are also experienced at fabricating all kinds of works for specific reqirements at our workshop in West Yorkshire. This includes visually spectacular art pieces as well as intelligent sensors and interactive sound and light controllers to be used in spaces and other installations.


A terrifying, Interactive, Upcycled Noise Contraption

Noisy Toys installationsThe Acousatron is our largest and longest-running installation, which has been mutating and evolving since 2010. It has featured at many national festivals, science events and museums and has even been re-built in Moscow, twice! Find out more about this incredible mechanacoustical instrument here.

Gurgle Splosher

A playful and interactive sound-sculpture model of the water cycle.

Originally commissioned in 2010 by the House of Fairy Tales for the Thames festival, and then commissioned again in 2018 by 509 Arts for Landlines and Watermarks.
Find out more about the Gurgle Splosher here.

Green Planet

A sculpture made from upcycled circuit boards, with interactive sound and light features.
The Green Panet is not lush with vegitation, it’s surface is completely covered with the detritus of consumer-electronics. Find out more about the Green Planet here.

Bespoke installations

Site or event-specific installations, using interactive controllers and often (but not exclusively) built from upcycled e-waste.