Secondary Workshops KS3

a perfect workshop to investigate an everyday application of the science that is taught at Key Stage 3, and a real boost to motivation as the GCSE years approach.

Scavengers workshops are the perfect boost to motivation in STEM subjects prior to GCSEs- everyday applications of science and technology.

Main Educational Themes

  • Sound and vibration: sound waves, longitudinal & latitudinal waves, frequency and amplitude, resonance, materials
  • Circuitry: components, resistance & conductivity, current flow, safety
  • Electromagnetism: electromagnets used in loudspeakers, electro-motors used in fans, using circuits to alter magnetic fields in order to move physical objects
  • Design & Technology: Making, designing, adapting, properties of materials, practical applications of electricity
  • Sustainability: Planned obsolescence, disposability, waste, recycling and upcycling
  • Music: Found sound, building, evaluating and developing instruments, using music technology, working in groups to improve our music