Training workshops

– workshop facilitation

A lot of the activities and technology that we have spent years developing is accessible to interested teachers, students and educators. We are keen to share what we have developed, so please get in touch of you are interested in a day’s training in your department or PGCE college, or just for some advice if you want to try similar activites yourself. We can also provide all of the resources required to run any of the following activities:

– Use of Piezo contact microphones in the classroom
– Acoustic exploration with no electronics or amplification
– Nose Testing (circuits & conductivity)
– coding through gaming
– Arduino, microbit, Pi
– Scavengers
Our goal is to make the full Scavengers workshop fully accessbile for anyone to run themselves. The resources needed for the activity can easily be adapted from materials that are freely or very cheaply available in most places (dead computers or other broken electrical items). We are looking for support to enable us to produce online instructions, resources and videos as well as lesson plans and useful tips. In the meantime we can offer taining workshops to facilitate the widespread use of this workshop, and can provide all of the resources ready prepared for classroom use.

Music and Computing PGCE students at the Manchester Metropolitan University learning how to use Scavengers activities, in partnership with EdLab.