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If you are hosting your own event and would like Noisy Toys to come along get in touch. We have different options for large busy festivals, community festivals, birthday parties or any other kind of event. You decide on the balance between entertainment and education but be aware: we always include plenty of both…

The Acousatron Live- Chancer’s Cabaret 6 December

6th December 2017


Carlton Club, Rowan Lodge, 113 Carlton Rd, Manchester M16 8BE Manchester, United Kingdom

Chancer’s Cabaret is a free monthly event featuring diverse live acts at the Carlton Club, 113 Carlton Rd, Manchester M16 8BE

The Acousatron live performance by Stephen Summers, followed by a short interactive session where you can play the Acousatron yourself.
The Acousatron combines acoustic instruments and objects with upcycled computer hardware, all fitted with mechanical agitators. It’s aim is to exploit the musical potential of ‘hacked’ acoustic instruments and electronics, and also to serve as an interactive feature that allows people to play the instruments using controllers, without the necessity for prior musical training. This is a live performance using the heart of the Acousatron (a very prepared piano), which will be played using a variety of electro-motors and manual strikers.

Listen to an electroacoustic composition made from recordings of the Acousatron at workshops and events in 2017 here.
More information about the full installation can be found here.

Acousatron at the Big Bang Fair March 2018

14th March 2018

17th March 2018


Play the Acousatron…

Bass in Your Face @ Big Bang Yorkshire & Humber 26 June 2018

26th June 2018

Come and see the explosiviely loud and dangerous Bass in Your Face stageshow and have a go at some drop-in activities running all day, where you can make your own Noisy inventions out of computer guts.