Noisy Toys EventsNoisy Toys can be found at public events throughout the UK, see below for a list of upcoming events.

If you are hosting your own event and would like Noisy Toys to come along get in touch. We have different options for large busy festivals, community festivals, birthday parties or any other kind of event. You decide on the balance between entertainment and education but be aware: we always include plenty of both…

Big Bang Fair March 2017

15th March 2017

18th March 2017

NEC Birmingham

Jam with the Noisy Robots!

Flick switches, pull levers, press keys and write code to trigger the awesome Mechacoustic Machines

Noisy Toys have built a whole ensemble of mechanised instruments for the Recycled Robot Orchestra. This is your chance to have a jam on them and learn how to make your own Noisy Robots using computer junk: fans, motors and old hard drives.

The Mechacoustic Machines include:

upcycled mechanical violins and a double bass, controlled live with switches and Auto Strummers or sequenced via Arduino
discarnate Heart; a very ‘prepared’ piano with 8 Auto-Strummer switches, 8 piano key filters, a hammer-strike lever and a whammy bar!
Bass Generator and Optical Synth use motors to control the pitch of sounds generated by magnets and LEDs.
drop-in workshop activities will show you how to easily and cheaply make your own Noisy Robots.
Noisy Toys are partners in the Recycled Robot Orchestra.

UK Maker Faire 1-2 April

1st April 2017

2nd April 2017

Centre for life, Newcastle

details soon…

Un-Making club starts April

21st April 2017

The Big Tin Shed, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8LN

Un-Making was invented by Noisy Toys and is a bit like Making, but the other way around. So come along and rip open some electronic junk, find the treasures inside and learn how to hardware-hack them for new (and often noisy) uses. Or just use them decoratively if they don’t seem to be of much use. It’s always fun taking things apart and Un-Making perfectly incorporates the contradictory dualism of destructive creativity (apparently).
Seperate drop-in sessions for ages 6+ and 12+. Free, for the first few weeks anyway, and then we’ll see how it goes.
Un-Making club will take place at our lovely unit in the Big Tin Shed in Hebden Bridge, although we are up for helping to setting up some others in other places. It’s not like we’re short of electronic junk in our society is it?
More information closer to April.

Discarnate Heart at Hebden Piano Festival 22 April

22nd April 2017

Town Hall, Hebden Bridge

Come and have a play on this VERY prepared robotic piano. Using controllers on a large console you can flick switches to activate mini motors that strum the strings, pull a lever to strike the soundboard and (believe it or not) there’s even a whammy bar! It sounds big, scary and not at all like a piano. Some come and have a go- it’s made for you to play on.

Big Bang North West 4 July

4th July 2017

Exhibition Centre, Liverpool, L3 4BX

Details tbc

trAction Crewe 8-9 July

8th July 2017

9th July 2017

Crewe town centre

more info soon…