This is a brief summary of the Scavengers presentation from Calderdale Bootstrap. There will be more information soon but yes, we do need money to run subsidised workshops for the local community. Please offer even small amounts so we can get this off the ground quickly, thanks!

First workshop date will be confirmed as soon as we have arranged the details with the Hackspace at Hebble End, but it is expected to be in June or early July. Email with the subject ‘Scavengers’to receive information and a priority place.

Scavengers: project-based informal education
@ Bridge Rectifier (Hebden Hackspace)
-Regular (monthly or weekly depending on support)
-Focused on young people & families but open to anyone
-Skills sharing, Making, Un-Making, experimenting
-Development of new workshops / R&D
-Fun, creative, open to new directions

To do this we need people, resources, marketing, storage,
online presence.
With the right professional support, we could set this up as a
new Social Enterprise. With financial support we could:

-Duplicate it (especially in less affluent areas of Calderdale)
-Bring in artists and tech experts for Making projects to support local events
-Provide a supportive learning environment for new workshop leaders
-Build this up to be an innovative showcase of project-based education

There is also a likely Manchester Scavengers project starting some time this summers, based at the Old Abbey Pump House in the Science Park.