Science-Busking, interactive walkabout acts, Audio Assault Buggy, Nose Test.


Walkabout performances that engange people in short, fun activities that can have more or less of an educational slant depending on the nature of the event.

Audio Assault Buggy
Audio_Assault_Buggy-8865The Audio Assault Buggy is a mobile Science-Busking feature that is loaded with strange and wonderful up-cycled sonic weaponry. Specialist Audio Commandos will enlist members of the public as test subjects for their dangerous experiments. Do you dare to try the infamous Noisy Toys Nose Test? This crack infiltration unit can cover large areas of any public event, testing noses, ears, even carrots and submissive dogs. We can engage hundreds of people every hour in noisy scientific experimentation.

The Audio Assault Buggy can process over 300 test subjects per hour of operation at busy events. In other situations people can stay and take part in several experiments for up to 30 minutes.


Drop-in activities
Excitingly Dangerous Science Demonstrations that you can take part in.
NT-NMM-Fam_day-Jun16-p4-CSuitable for public events, school fairs, parties or any event where people come and go and can get involved in some of our noisy and messy activities, or just watch if they prefer. Dare you try the infamous Bass Buzz? Feel 1000 watts of bass power through your fingertips, see clouds of flour shoot into the air, duck from eruptions of lentils (or sometimes mung beans), marvel at water-based Cymatics, re-create a laser-blaster shoot out with an amplified slinky, shriek in utter horror at the bizarre life-forms animated with corn flour and powerful bass vibrations, as the Goop Test brings forth new life-forms that dance and metamorphose at the sound of the BASS….
Our demonstration unit is static and requires mains power (we have a silent generator if required).
Please note: the Goop Test involves non-science towards the end, with talk of the Goop escaping and eating people on occasion. Kids tend to get that, but if you don’t, we can keep it entirely factual on request.