On this page you can find out about all the instruments that we use in our installations, as well as new designs in the pipeline. We can also make some instruments on order; contact Steve here.

Contact microphones £20/£25 +postage
After years of painstaking research (getting our mics broken by kids during workshops and at events) we have developed a 5 stage process for toughening up the flimsy Piezo disks and fitting them with good quality sturdy instrument cable. We wouldn’t go so far as to say they are indestructable, but they are about as tough as these things get.

Standard contact mic: £20
1/4 inch mono jack connector.
2m cable (Van Damme OFC instrument cable)

Robber dipped contact mic: £25
Otherwise the same

– audio cable colours: green, purple, red, orange, black, yellow, blue
– Longer cables and other audio connectors are also available.

Rubber Dipping?
This involves priming the disk and then two coats of liquid rubber dip, with long drying times between each coat.
Rubber dipping makes the mics much more tactile, but will result in a slight loss of treble (high frequency). Most people find that the un-dipped mics have too much with the treble, and prefer the sound of the dipped mics. For some applications (for example as triggers) un-dipped mics may be preferred. It really does depend what you use them for, but the dipped mics are softer to hold. Please contact me for advice on this.

Piezo mics have a high output and can usually be plugged straight into a mixer or amp without the need for added gain (depending on what you are using them for).

Bass Drives £40-£50depending on the type.
Computer hard drives hacked into bass generators
1/4 inch mono jack connector as standard (other connectors to order)
If you’d rather make your own follow this video.