22-23 Sept – Festival of Thrift, Redcar, Middlesbrough; Scavengers workshops

Start date: 22nd September 2018

End date: 23rd September 2018

Location: Kirkleatham, Redcar, TS10 5NW

We will be returning to the fantastic Festival of Thrift with more Scavenging creation/destruction!

Watch this video from last year’s workshops.

Bring computer towers for un-making but please follow these guidelines:

– This is NOT a waste disposal service! Bring something if you want to take it apart, the only items we accept if you don’t dismantle are computer towers, hard drives & battery-powered radios.
– NO SCREENS: monitors, tablets, laptops ect. We don’t want broken glass around.
– Recent digital tech is very boring so don’t bother with tablets, phones etc
– older tech is more interesting.
– battery- powered things that can make noise can sometimes be circuit-bent which is really fun. Again, older is easier and sounds better.
– PC/computer towers are a wealth of noise potential and we always need them.

You can learn how to make a variety of interesting noise machines from the parts.

See you there!