19-20 May Polytech festival MOSCOW- Noisy Laboratory

Start date: 19th May 2018

End date: 20th May 2018

Location: Moscow

The Noisy Toys Laboratory is coming to Moscow…

Even the quietest sound has energy that can be used in some incredible experiments. This is exactly what the team of an independent educational company Noisy Toys does. This year they are coming to the Polytech Festival and they are going to bring their crazy experiments with them! Noisy Toys will make you see everything in a new way — be it everyday life objects, people around you or even yourself. Guests of the Festival will be able not only to observe some experiments with sound energy but also take part in science shows run by this UK team.

The artists will help the audience understand how the electronic sound works. Everyone will be able to feel the energy of sound by touching the speaker cones and get a free finger massage. You will also see some dancing fluids and beans, witness experiments with hard drives taken from old computers and listen to the sound of human noses.