Audio Assault Buggy

The ultimate science busking feature…
A fully participatory Walkabout act.
-Portable Nose Testing-
Caution: Mild Audio Peril.

Mobile activites that engange people in short, fun activities such as the Nose Test. These can last for less than one minute to allow lots of people to have a go, or be built up to a participatory show to draw a crowd.

With chunky wheels and a pokey PA running off of power tool batteries, the Audio Assault Buggy enables -for the first time in human history- Mobile Nose Testing. Also a few other interesting activities for the already tested who just want more, but quite often at busy events we never get beyond Nose testing because it’s just so good.

Mobile Nose Testing

The Nose Test is a funny and noisy conductivity activity which adults find just as funny as kids. Participants hold on to the Buggy’s robotic arms and then ‘test’ each other’s noses with a gentle squeeze, passing a (very low) current and so producing a variable squeak and a guaranteed smile. This simple interaction can extend from a couple to a family to large groups of 20 or more. It can last for around a minute if a couple of people want a quick laugh, or be built into a 15 minute mini-show if a crowd gathers. In this case we build up the dramatic tension and also go into the science a bit deeper. We then test carrots, dogs, spoons and anything else people can offer (as well as our own random assortment of test objects). Once tested, everyone gets a (highly coveted) ‘Nose tested’ stamp.