Un-Making club starts April

Date: 21st April 2017

Location: The Big Tin Shed, Hebden Bridge, HX7 8LN

Un-Making was invented by Noisy Toys and is a bit like Making, but the other way around. So come along and rip open some electronic junk, find the treasures inside and learn how to hardware-hack them for new (and often noisy) uses. Or just use them decoratively if they don’t seem to be of much use. It’s always fun taking things apart and Un-Making perfectly incorporates the contradictory dualism of destructive creativity (apparently).
Seperate drop-in sessions for ages 6+ and 12+. Free, for the first few weeks anyway, and then we’ll see how it goes.
Un-Making club will take place at our lovely unit in the Big Tin Shed in Hebden Bridge, although we are up for helping to setting up some others in other places. It’s not like we’re short of electronic junk in our society is it?
More information closer to April.