Scavengers- Steam in Hulme 5 July

Date: 5th July 2017

Time: 18:00 - 20:00

Location: Old Abbey Taphouse Guildhall Close Manchester M15

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Our fourth STEAM workshop!

Come along and find out how to make instruments with Noisy Toys! Learn what’s inside computers and other electronic items by destroying them, and using their innards to create new instruments.

We will also be experimenting with circuits, discovering hidden acoustic properties of objects, improving our use of tools, making instruments and then playing around with them to finish off with a lovely Noise Jam.

As well as technical and creative content, there is a strong message of sustainability here as we address issues around electronic waste: the true cost of the products, consequences of obtaining and disposing of the materials, built-in obsolescence and the disposability of consumer electronics. Despite these weighty themes, we will have a lot of fun as everyone loves taking stuff apart, building circuits and making some noise!

Workshop leader:
Steve Summers (Noisy Toys)

The workshop is part of ‘Bringing STEAM into Hulme’, a 2 month programme of art and science events at the Old Abbey. The series is funded by The University of Manchester and Manchester Metropolitan University, and is coordinated by Jana Wendler and Sam Illingworth.