Gurgle Splosher, Hebden Arts Festival 2 July

Date: 2nd July 2017

Time: all day

Location: Hebden Bridge

This will be the first public presentation of the new Gurgle Splosher, which is presented here as ‘work in progress’ as it will continue to be developed until September 2017.

The Gurgle-Splosher
A playful and interactive sound-sculpture model of the water cycle.

At the top of the Gurgle Splosher is the upper ‘cloud’ reservoir which is a large, clear tank filled with water. At the bottom is the ‘sea’ reservoir; a painted old-fashioned metal bath-tub. Water is pumped from the lower to the upper reservoirs when needed, and can then take several routes back down through the system, as determined by the actions of the visitors.

Many different water sounds are produced; rain, flowing streams, drips, sudden deluges, bubbles, splashes and of course Gurgles and Sploshes. As well as these beautiful watery sounds, the moving mechanical parts, flowing water, drips and bubbling tubs will be fascinating to watch; the appearance of the Gurgle Splosher will combine elements of Victorian pumping stations with modern domestic guttering systems, and a healthy dose of Heath Robinson.