Big Bang Fair March 2017- Jam the Noisy Robots!

Start date: 15th March 2017

End date: 18th March 2017

Location: NEC Birmingham

Jam with the Noisy Robots!

Flick switches, pull levers, press keys and write code to trigger the awesome Mechacoustic Machines

Noisy Toys have built a whole ensemble of mechanised instruments for the Recycled Robot Orchestra. This is your chance to have a jam on them and learn how to make your own Noisy Robots using computer junk: fans, motors and old hard drives.

The Mechacoustic Machines include:

upcycled mechanical violins and a double bass, controlled live with switches and Auto Strummers or sequenced via Arduino
discarnate Heart; a very ‘prepared’ piano with 8 Auto-Strummer switches, 8 piano key filters, a hammer-strike lever and a whammy bar!
Bass Generator and Optical Synth use motors to control the pitch of sounds generated by magnets and LEDs.
drop-in workshop activities will show you how to easily and cheaply make your own Noisy Robots.
Noisy Toys are partners in the Recycled Robot Orchestra.